As a Junior UX designer and an Experienced Visual Designer, I’m passionate about creating digital design products working alongside friendly, highly motivated and driven people. 

For 15+ years I was a Graphic Designer for small (1 employee) and bigger companies (8000+ employees). The recent year I was graduated as an Interaction Designer by digging into existing websites doing diverse user tests, Interface Design, Information Architecture, Wireframing and Mock-ups. At my internship address, I was involved in optimizing a panel site for respondents for an online market agency. At my last job, I created an engaging Chatbot with an Avatar and did the redesigning of the intranet site together with a Google-based Search Engine.

To keep things interesting and fresh I’m learning all the time, by reading books, watching videos, searching the internet and of course going through real-life experiences. The most interesting subjects for me are 'design & innovation' and 'psychology & behaviour'. The next topics on my list, to take my life and work to a higher level, are ‘motion design’, ‘behaviour design’ and ‘app design’. 

I can
* Processing design decisions with an openness to feedback
* Use team feedback to inform improve the designs
* Clearly communicate and work with developers 
* Design with UX best practices and web standards
* Design with a knowledge of browser sizes 
* Create mock-ups from prototype till implementation
* Deliver features, wireframes and mock-ups

In my free time, I travel to unknown places, experiment new things in the kitchen, eating this with lovely friends and try to keep my shape by running in the forest. 

I always like to drink coffee. So if you like to have a chat with me for any professional reason we’ll have coffee together. Just send me an email at
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