As a UX & UI Designer, I’m passionate about creating digital design products working with friendly, highly motivated and driven people. 

For 15+ years I have been a Graphic Designer for small and bigger companies. Five years ago I graduated as an Interaction Designer by optimizing 2 websites doing user tests, Interface Design, Information Architecture, Wireframes and Mock-ups. At my internship,  an online marketing agency, I was creating and implementing a panel website for respondents doing remote usability tests. When working for ANB Amro, I created an engaging Chatbot with an Avatar and did the redesigning of the intranet site together with a Google-based Search Engine. After that, I was responsible as an Interaction Designer for the Mijn Omgeving at the Randstadgroep by doing research and making prototypes and as a UX Designer at The Sting, a Dutch fashion company.

To keep things interesting and fresh I’m learning all the time, by reading books, watching videos, searching the internet and going through real-life experiences. The most interesting subjects for me are 'design & innovation',  'psychology & behavior’, history & future scenarios’.